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Freezing ‘summer melt’ in its tracks: Increasing college enrollment with AI

When people say, “Showing up is 80 percent of life,” they likely mean it in a metaphorical sense. Yet, showing up is literally the problem for many prospective college students. Annually, 10-20 percent of high school seniors who are admitted to college and indicate that they intend to go never make it to the first day of class.

This phenomenon of “summer melt” often occurs after college-bound high schoolers have committed to attend a particular institution. The act of accepting an offer to attend college unleashes a torrent of administrative tasks and corresponding paperwork. Students must complete financial aid forms, tuition payment plans, scholarships, health records, high school transcripts, roommate questionnaires, meal plan agreements, etc. Some students—particularly those whose parents never attended college and have not navigated the enrollment process—get swept under by the flood of forms as well as the financial realities of paying for college.