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Nominations and Eligibility

A nomination for the McGraw Prize may be submitted on behalf of any person who meets the nomination criteria. The Prize recognizes outstanding individuals who have “dedicated themselves to improving education and whose accomplishments are making a difference.”

Nominees are screened by independent researchers and Penn GSE faculty, staff, students, and alumni with expertise in education. A distinguished jury of peers reviews a shortlist of Finalists and recommends one Honoree in each category to win the McGraw Prize in Education.

Honorees receive an award of $50,000 and a prize sculpture.

Honorees of the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education should exemplify:

Transformational leadership in their organization or institution, and beyond

Innovative thinking and practices within their field

Impact on the lives of others and the education community at large

Respect earned from peers and a reputation of inspiration to others

Nominations for the 2020 McGraw Prize closed on April 15, 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nominations & Eligibility

When does the nomination window open and close?
The nomination window for the 2020 McGraw Prize opens on February 13, 2020, and closes on April 15, 2020, at 11:59pm EDT.

What are the categories for which nominations are being accepted?
There are three categories for the 2020 Prize: Pre-K–12 Education, Higher Education, and Learning Science Research.

Who can submit a nomination?
Nominators must be at least 18 years old at the time they cast a nomination. There are no other requirements.

Who is ineligible to be nominated for the Prize?
Faculty, lecturers, administrators, staff, or other employees of the University of Pennsylvania and McGraw-Hill Education are ineligible to be awarded the Prize and should not be nominated. Additionally, Jurors who serve on the current Prize year’s selection committee are ineligible for consideration as a Nominee.

Is there an entry fee to nominate someone for the Prize?
There is no entry fee. It is free to cast a nomination.

Can I nominate myself?
Yes, self-nomination is permitted.

Can I submit an international nomination for any of the Prize categories?
Yes, all categories are open to both domestic and international nominations.

Can I submit multiple nominations?
Yes, you may nominate multiple individuals for the Prize, but you must submit a separate nomination for each Nominee.

Can I nominate a single individual in multiple categories?
No, an individual may only be nominated for one category. Nominate individuals in the category that best suits their work. The selection team also reserves the right to move the Nominee into a different category, should it be at the advantage of the Nominee.

Can I nominate someone who was nominated in prior years?
Yes, past Nominees are eligible for resubmission.

Can I nominate someone anonymously?
All nominations are submitted anonymously, as we do not disclose who the Nominator is when we notify the Nominee of their nomination. It is your choice to let the Nominee know you have nominated them.

How long should my responses be for the open-ended prompts?
Responses to each of the prompts should be a minimum of 200 characters and a maximum of 1000 characters.

Can I submit supplemental materials (i.e., CV or resume) for consideration?
Yes, please include any additional information about the Nominee under the final prompt on the form, “Is there anything else about the Nominee that you would like the jurors to know?” Note that doing so, however, will not necessarily provide any advantage during the selection process.

Can we save our nomination prior to submitting and complete it at a later time?
No, the nomination must be completed in one sitting. We recommend writing all responses in a separate document, then copying them into the nomination form when you are ready to submit.

Is it possible to edit the nomination after it has been submitted?
No, it is not possible to alter a nomination that has been submitted, but you can email if you need to correct or supply any additional information. No changes or updates to a nomination will be accepted after the deadline.

Selection & Honorees

When will the Honorees be announced?
The 2020 McGraw Prize Honorees will be announced in Fall 2020, and they will be recognized during the McGraw Prize Gala powered by Penn GSE in New York, NY on October 21, 2020.

What do the Honorees of the Prize receive?
The Honorees will each receive an award of $50,000 and a Prize sculpture.


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